Thursday, April 10, 2014

Tips: Deciding the Right Patio Umbrella

There are different reasons a person is encouraged to buy a patio umbrella. It could be alluring design and color that catches the attention. Maybe the inspiring outdoor setup with an outdoor umbrella seen on beaches and restaurants. It might also be basically the need of a shade against the sun and rain. Whatever the reason behind your eagerness to get an outdoor umbrella, you should know that you could not just pick whatever that looks good enough.

Picking the right patio umbrella isn’t just about the impression you have. There are some factors that should be considered such as durability and practicality, then follows beauty. These points will make sure you’ll get great relaxing moments and will guarantee your safety while having a refreshment during hot summer days.

Remember the following simple points so you can get the right patio umbrella.

Canopy, The Covering Material

Most patio umbrella canopies are made of fabric, and they are not made the same. Some fabrics are best for sun protection while some are just colorful. When you buy one for your safety, buy those that can block most of UV Rays. Ask the seller about it.

Frame materials
Patio Umbrellas are specifically designed for outdoors, but not all are made to withstand the torture of high winds and outdoor elements. This goes for the materials they are made.

Wooden frames are elegant and can also be sturdy depending on how they are made, but they should be treated and maintained well to avoid mold.

Iron steel umbrella frames are sturdy depending on thickness, but you should keep them dry always because they rust with moisture especially in beaches.

Aluminum and Fiberglass umbrellas are sturdy and weather resistant. They are a bit expensive, but a worthy investment, especially if you are in an area with high winds and hostile to outdoor umbrellas.

Form or Design
There are other forms of patio umbrellas, the offset umbrella otherwise known as cantilever patio umbrellas, and the tilting patio umbrella. These are made for special purposes and design uniqueness comes with it.

Offset umbrellas are made so that center pole is moved to the side. You can then have an ease of space for a better conversation.

The tilting feature is made so you can tilt your umbrella into position so it can block the sunlight in an angle you need. It allows you to enjoy a longer sun protection.

Choosing a color is not much of an issue, especially that patio umbrellas come in many color choices. You can choose according to your liking. However, it is much better to choose the one that goes well with your outdoor setup or patio design.

These are the basic points to remember, but should help you get the right patio umbrella.

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