Friday, July 11, 2014

Buying Guide for Outdoor Umbrellas

Outdoor umbrellas or otherwise commonly referred to as patio umbrellas are another popular option to make outdoors cool and safe under the sun. They are a great addition to design an outdoor place. With the best choice, you will find it safer and nicer to relax and unwind in the freshness of outdoors.

Before buying, you should measure the space you want to cover. Patio umbrellas are generally measured in feet. The umbrella should cover an entire setup including the patio furniture and outdoor seats for everyone around. The height should be enough to have a comfortable space for everybody.

Patio Umbrellas have different types and styles. They are made for purposes unique to each one of them.

Market Umbrella
Market umbrellas, the standard type of umbrella for outdoors, are typically made of wood. They are naturally pleasing for residential outdoor spaces. Even though made of wood, market umbrellas are durable to withstand the elements of your backyard, patio, or deck. In fact, you can also find them used in some commercial spaces like cafes and bistros.

Beach Umbrellas
Beach umbrellas are specifically made so you can easily set up a little comfy space along the coast. Designed with pointed pole end to easily stick them in the sand. Seashore atmosphere is naturally harsh and add to that the strong wind blows, it is the worst environment for an outdoor umbrella. Be sure you pick one that is durable and resistant to the elements.

Tilting Umbrellas
Tilting umbrellas are useful if you want to stay in the outdoors for a longer period. The design allows it to tilt in an angle to block the sun from hitting you. From sunrise to sundown, you can be covered from the sunshine.

Offset Umbrellas
Offset umbrellas are unique in form and are so versatile. With its post on the side rather than at the center, it can be placed at any angle and spot. You can arrange your setup in any way you like and still be covered by its canopy.

There are some accessories needed or required for your umbrellas to be functional.

Stand or Base
Do not forget about the umbrella base or stand, outdoor umbrellas from the stores do not include it. The reason for this is so that you can choose one that fits well with the type of outdoor setup you create.

There is a type of umbrella base called sand auger that enables you to use other types of outdoor umbrella as a beach umbrella. It also provides a better grip to hold the umbrella aground.

Patio umbrella lights are not required, but will provide a quick and easy lighting for a night in the outdoors.

Patio umbrella covers keep your umbrella safe when not in use, especially for a longer period. Though not required, but it helps keep your umbrella in good safe.

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