Friday, July 4, 2014

Quickly Renew Your Concrete Patio with Paver

Feel bored with your outworn concrete patio? Here is a solution to quickly renew your patio without even destroying your existing concrete flooring. It costs less and all you need is time, maybe a day or two.

We can renew the appearance of a patio by upgrading its flooring with paver. Choose a paver you like or better if it matches or complement with the existing materials of your home. Your outdoors will completely look fresh and classy. This is gonna be a fun and rewarding weekend project.

First you need to clean and clear your patio. Begin by moving away your patio furniture and fixtures. Then sweep your patio and remove any debris. Washing and thoroughly clean the concrete is not required to consider that we just lay the pavers on top.

Second, make sure the flooring is flat and level. Grind and remove bumps away and use leveling compound to fill the low spots. Leveling compound will also fill the cracks. Since we will be laying pavers on top of the concrete patio and it will not be having a vehicle traffic, just a paver base is needed. Spread it directly all over the flooring and even out the surface.

Then, start laying the pavers. Arrange them accordingly to create a beautiful pattern. Leave a perimeter space for the edging. The width of the perimeter should be enough to accommodate a single line of paver. Take note that the perimeter should be without paver base. Prepare mortar to be used for the edging paver. Spread a thin layer and press the paver on. The perimeter paver affixed to the concrete will make the pavers secured in place.

Finally, when the laying of pavers is complete, spread polymeric sand using a push broom. Ensure all the gaps are filled and covered. Sweep off all the excess, spray it with water and you are done. Let the new paver set before stepping on it.

That’s it, your patio has now a brand new look. Put back the outdoor furniture sets, open up the patio umbrella and chill.

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