Friday, June 20, 2014

Outdoor lighting Tips

There are many types of light which are intended for different purposes. There are, for illuminating so it is easy for you to see things especially during outdoor activities. There are, for ambient lighting especially useful for setting a mood or ambiance. Others are for adding decorative accents to your patio or deck design.

Aside from the types of light, lighting fixture or form also come in several variations. Their form is intended for different purposes and application.

Ceiling Lighting
This type of lighting is usually hung or fixed above the center of a patio or deck. There are two main purposes of a ceiling light fixture, for illuminating and for ambient lighting.

Wall Lighting
Wall lights are primarily intended for highlighting some spots in your patio or deck. These are usually placed at the entrance and at some architectural features you want to highlight.

Path Lighting
Path lights are for illuminating or highlighting pathways, steps, and stairs. In the garden, they serve another purpose which is to highlight plants and fences.

Some types of light are made for special purposes such as the following:

String Lights
String lights can be made of many color combinations. They are specifically made for adding decorative accents to the setup. Special occasions at night can be very colorful at night.

Patio Umbrella Lights
Patio umbrella lights can come in many different forms such as string, series of bulbs, and even single bulb. Of course, they are specifically made for patio umbrellas and other types of outdoor umbrellas.

Spot Lights
Spot lights are usually used for emphasizing trees and plants at night. It greatly enhances your backyard making your plants visible at night, and in different but amazing way.

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