Friday, June 13, 2014

Top Outdoor Cushion Fabrics

Outdoor cushions are made for comfort. It makes a great place for relaxation and an impressive space for your guests. Because of their fine and colorful covers, they are also made to help decorate your patio or deck setup.

An outdoor environment is very different. There are elements that are hostile to your cushions, especially their covers. Make sure you get the best cushion fabric so you can be assured that the cushions on your outdoor furniture would still look great in the long run.

There are many types of fabric for cushions, but only a few are recommended for outdoor use and not all are created equal. Before buying a new cushion or cover, do some research and analyze which one is right for you and your budget. Spend some time to figure out so that you don’t fall for the wrong type of fabric and see them fading and tearing in just weeks or a few months of use.

To help you get started, here are the top fabrics for outdoor cushions.

Cotton Canvas
In general, this is a popular fabric for cushions. This fabric is relatively cheaper, but is very durable and will stand up to excessive wear. Although naturally water resistant, it retains water that will cause mold and mildew problems if not taken care of immediately.

This fabric is not recommended to be left in an open outdoor area. But surely, you can take necessary measure to prevent them from getting wet. You should not have any problems in outdoor space with a roof or cover.

A woven polyester with PVC coating, this type is specifically made for outdoor use. It can be seen used in sling seating, sun shades, and other outdoor furniture. It can be used in an open area and poolside because it is guaranteed waterproof and fade resistant. Another best thing about it is flame retardant.

Olefin is a synthetic fiber, also known as polypropylene. This type is also famously used in outdoor furniture. Well known because it’s a weather resistant fabric in fact, it is considered a plastic fabric.

Vinyl also known as Polyvinyl chloride or PVC, is a very common material found in many products. This type is the least expensive among the fabrics and is very easy to clean, easy to acquire and easy to maintain. However, it does not stand up to heat well and may face in the long run. Well, a sun shade will be just enough to save it from the sun. It can be safe under a shade sail or a patio umbrella.

Solution-Dyed Acrylic
A solution-dyed acrylic fabric is usually soft, breathable, durable, and water resistant. This fabric dries fast when got wet, so it prevents the growth of mold. These superior characteristics make it the top choice for outdoor applications including sun shades and patio umbrellas.

Marine-Grade Fabric
A specially made acrylic fabric to be used in heavy outdoor use. It is made to withstand sun, wind, and salt water. Made with a tighter weave and heavier finishing, it is primarily made for seat cushion on a boat.

Sunbrella is a popular fabric, but it is more of a brand. It is 100% solution dyed acrylic and made from a variety of synthetic and cotton blends.

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