Friday, June 6, 2014

Easy Guide To Build an Outdoor Fireplace

An outdoor fireplace is one of precious additions to homes. It makes a great ambiance for your backyard or patio. A well designed one will add an eye-catching focal point to your outdoor setup. Aside from these interesting benefits, you can also design your outdoor fireplace to function in cooking something.

Regulations and restrictions
Building a fireplace has some regulations in some places and conditions. You have to consult your local community and government before building. Get to know the ordinances and acquire permits if necessary, it is for your safety also.

Also, check with your insurance agency if it has effects and restrictions on your policy.

Determine the Location
Determining to perfect location is not only for the sake if your backyard or patio design but also for your safety. Make sure your fireplace is at a safe distance from combustible and non-heat resisting things like wooden parts of your home, patio, or deck

The fireplaces  should also be at a safe distance from barns, animal coop, trees, or plants.

Design and Style
Fireplaces are not only for creating a great ambiance, but can also make a beautiful spot. The basics of making a nice focal point is to make sure its design goes well with the design of your outdoor setup or with the existing patio furniture. You can search for design inspirations in the internet.

Traditional wood-burning fireplace can also function for outdoor cooking, from roasting mallows to grilling. You can stylize it to serve as a barbecue station, a pizza oven, and other outdoor cooking activities.

Building and Materials

An outdoor fireplace is nothing more but just the same as an indoor fireplace. Basically also it consists of a hearth, a chimney, and a mantel. But it should be built suitable for outdoors. The materials to use should resist the beating of outdoor conditions like sunny, rainy, and snowy days.

First, build the platform in which the fireplace sits on. The platform should be made of concrete and built on the ground. It’s size should also be larger than the desired size of the fireplace hearth.

Next, build the hearth. There are a few materials that a fireplace hearth can be made, but the popular choice are bricks, stacked stones, and stucco.

Then, optionally add a mantel and other decorative finish.

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