Friday, May 30, 2014

Pergola Roof or Cover Options

A Pergola in one of the popular shade structures. Aside from patio umbrellas, awnings, and shade sails, pergolas are also best for patios and backyards. This type of structure provides a good shade in the beating sun and even from the snow and rain. It also provides protection for your patio furniture and fixtures from outdoor elements to keep them in good condition so you can enjoy them for months and even years.

Building something like a pergola in your backyard is a great weekend backyard project. You can physically exercise, enhance carpentry skills, and exercise your creative mind. But if it’s just far too complex for you, or you may have no time for it, it is a good idea to hire a carpenter.

The most important part of a pergola is its roof or cover. It defines how well you are protected and how the structure looks. With regards to the looks, choosing the right type of covering depends on what is the best for the design of your home and the appearance of your surroundings. It should blend well with the colors, structure, and materials around it.

Wooden Roof
Pergolas are traditionally built with spaced wooden roofing. Even if it is the old style, wood covering is still the best practice. You can easily get created with it as a wood can be arranged and easily formed or carved according to your choice. Since homes are mostly built with wood, then it can easily blend in.

Spaced wooden roof is only for places that rarely rains. Enjoy the sunny outdoors under the shade of a pergola. Just get a patio furniture cover when it rains, it is sufficient to keep them safe.

Bamboo Roof
Bamboo covers are famous because they are unique and attractive. It makes a cool patio that feels like you’re in a tropical place. This type is easy to make with just little carpentry skills.

Using bamboo is an eco-friendly practice. Many trees will be saved because a bamboo can grow and regenerate quickly so we can have another supply in the next season. By the way, a bamboo is not a tree, but a type of grass, the tallest grass.

Reed Roof Cover
Much the same as bamboo, reeds provide a tropical feel. In its natural beige color, a reed cover would blend well in your backyard patio design or garden. This material is lightweight, which requires minimum support. Great for beginner do-it-yourself project.

Fabric Type Covers
Fabrics or textile for covering is great for adding exciting colors in your patio or backyard. However, they are used more for a temporary shade. They can be placed loosely or tension stretched over the rafters on the structure.

Some fabrics like canvas, Sunbrella, or Olefin, which are also widely used for outdoor umbrellas, can protect us from the harmful UV rays of the sun. It is the best choice for use during hot summer days. If you want a protection from the rain, there are water-resistant fabrics too.

Louvered Roof

Louvered roof types are technically more advance but of course, a bit expensive. They can be adjusted by tilting the louvers from fully open to enjoy the sun, into fully closed for a full protection. That is  the great advantage if this type.

Whenever you build a pergola, always keep in mind to choose the best type that fits your need, your area climate, and the type of surrounding you have.


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