Friday, May 23, 2014

Easy Patio or Garden Walkway

Building a patio or garden walkway requires time, effort, and money. It can be a tough job but, there are easy ways to accomplish. It can be done whenever you have time and is a great task during weekends. A great do-it-yourself project.

Just like any other projects, you need to have a plan beforehand. Determine how wide your walkway is, which way it should go, and how should it forms. Take note that you have to sacrifice a good amount space and good growing grasses if you want a wider walkway. It is better to choose areas that are not suitable for growing grasses and plants. Then form your walkway according to your landscape no matter what shape you would come up. In fact, irregular walkway forms look great in many cases.
Tools and Gears
It does not require sophisticated tools and gears to make this task easy. Just a few backyard and garden tools needed to get the job done.

Make sure to use work gloves for your safety. Your hands do not just get dirty, but would also suffer from the work. Your gloves will protect them.

You need garden pruners if you need to remove hard grasses and large roots. Make sure you also remove any debris to avoid problems like sagging.

Spade is needed to repair ground holes and spots. You will also need it for shaping up the landscape. Then, use a garden rake to level the ground.

For an easy patio or garden walkway, use stones or bricks. These pavers make building your walkway fast and easy. All have to do is lay and arrange them on the ground and you’re done.

When arranging the stones/bricks lay them in patterns. You can find many design ideas over the internet.

Add some nice features for your walkway to make it more look inviting which leads towards your patio area. Add some lights on the path for easy access during the night. Edging would also add a highlight along the way and that there will be a nice separation. If your walkway is large and long, you can line up some patio furniture such as benches and small patio umbrellas along the way as a nice stopover feature.

With simple steps, your walkway shall be completed without stress. You can add anything you want to it. Use your imagination and creativity, and use the internet to search for design inspirations.

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