Friday, May 9, 2014

Vertical Gardening and Benefits

Growing herbs, flowers, and vegetables come easy with vertical gardening. It doesn’t matter how small and how inaccessible your area, gardening possible with simple innovation. Some garden lovers find it really easy to do with just a little carpentry skills. I can be done by hanging plants in pots and baskets on the walls, by placing them in racks or shelves, and by making a trellis.

Vertical gardening has benefits.

First, it is space-saving which is very helpful for small spaces. You can easily incorporate gardening in a small backyard or patio for a better atmosphere.

Second, vertical garden is easier to manage. You can tend them with ease, from growing to harvesting.

Third, they add an attraction to your outdoor space design. Healthy growing flowers and vegetables are like gems in your backyard.

Fourth, they can serve as a privacy screen alternative. More household owners and landscapers prefer this structure for privacy because it is not so obvious and look great.

Lastly, they provide a good sun shade. Plants are great at absorbing sunlight and block UV rays. Setting a patio furniture set under a trellis is a great idea. You enjoy a fresh outdoors while being protected from harmful UV rays. A trellis with a bunch of plants is a great alternative for patio umbrellas.

With some research for inspiration combined with imagination, any beginner will find it easy to get into vertical gardening. The tools and materials needed are really easy to find in many hardware stores.

If you are fond of recycling and reusing, that’s great because gardening using recycled materials and repurposed household items is popular these days. Countless materials have been used and they look great when properly reused, these include:
  • Plastic beverage bottles
  • Plastic containers
  • Tin cans
  • Empty barrels

Other materials that you might not expect of being used include:
  • Shoes
  • Cups
  • Mugs
  • Casseroles
  • Teapots
  • and many other kitchen containers

And take note, using these items is very popular these days.

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