Monday, August 18, 2014

How to Start a Container Garden in the Patio

Gardening has been part of every home. The plants add color and life to the place, adds freshness to the surroundings, and allows you to grow your own food safely. The practice has become part of life, even in cities where gardening space and requirements is very limited.

Cultivating plants in urban areas is handily done through container gardening and there are so many ingenious ideas around. All you need is get to know the necessary requirements and basic steps. And It is never too difficult to get started.

Your patio will get even more interesting and you’ll get a better relaxation sitting under your patio umbrella surrounded with green life.

One of the essential requirements for plant to live is a sunlight. They need it in order to make their own food. You have to determine how much direct sunlight your patio can get. You need to be sure you get the right measurement of how long your patio can get exposed to the sun.

Too much or too little sunlight is not a problem because not all plants require the same amount of sun exposure. The key to being successful in container gardening is choosing the right plants for your patio.

You may be asking about what if you have favorite plants and are not suited to your patio. Well, we can do a little to nothing about it if more sunlight is needed. But if lesser sunlight is required, we can easily adjust that by adding some shade sails and sunscreens.

Container gardening usually involves the use or pots. But the popular practice is more creative. Anything that can hold soil is used for planting such as teapots, vases, cans, and even shoes. Serious gardeners reuse barrels, crates, and built boxes.

Any container will do just as long as the size is suitable for plants to thrive.

Plants in pots or containers have limited reach to nutrients because their roots are confined in the container. The solution is by supplying with appropriate fertilizers. Be sure to ask for the right type for your plants and ask about how to use properly.

Water is also a vital element for plants to live. You have to pay special attention to container plants because their soil does not hold water or moisture much longer than on the ground. You have to routinely supply your plants with water. However, there are ingenious ways if you are a busy type of person and routinely watering your plants is not possible.

I found a clever way to keep your plants hydrated even you are not around for several days. Fill a bottle or bucket with water and place it a level above your plants. Then get a string, preferably fabric type, put the other end soaked in the water reservoir, and extend the other end to the plant base. The water will be carried slowly through the string down and continuously water your plants. This is just one of the many ways that you can do yourself.

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