Friday, September 5, 2014

The Great Experience of Tilting Patio Umbrellas

Getting a patio umbrella is the quickest and easiest way to have a great sun protection in your patio, deck, and garden. This type of shade comes in a wide array of styles and in a variety of colors to add a classy and versatile cover. Talking about versatility, one of the best styles that offers versatility is the tilting patio umbrella.

What is it?
Tilting patio umbrella is a style of outdoor umbrella that tilts to a certain degree. Only the upper portion tilts and you can rotate it at the same time. The materials that make up this style varies just the same as other patio umbrellas. The pole and frame can be made of wood, metal, fiberglass, or a combination. The canopy fabric also varies and can be made of canvas, suncrylic, olefin, or the popular Sunbrella.

What are the Benefits?
It has all the benefits of a regular patio umbrella with the addition of tilting feature advantage. The ability of tilting and rotating of the canopy to any point or angle enables the blocking of the sun at any time. When tilted, the umbrella transforms into a unique yet classy structure which adds an interesting view in the area or outdoor design.

How to use it?
The mechanism of the tilting feature may seem complex, but its operation is very easy. Tilting umbrellas have a crank handle accessible at the middle of the pole. All you have to do is crank it to fully open. To tilt the canopy, just continue cranking it until you get the tilting position.

That’s it, the tilting patio umbrella will let you enjoy outdoors longer and with style.

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