Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Easy and Inexpensive Outdoor Room Idea

Everyone wants an outdoor room for relaxing, having a fine time alone, and a fun time with family and friends. Creating a perfect place outside the house is not always expensive. There are many simple ways that you can do yourself. In other words, there are DIY or do-it-yourself ideas to make your very own patio or backyard space.

Here is a very simple outdoor setup idea that you can easily implement with minimal work and cost.

Assuming you have already determined an area where you want to build an outdoor room. Then let us build a fireplace first. There are many ways to do it and here are some.

The quickest and easiest is just by digging a hole and build the hearth by forming a ring using bricks or stones. That’s all, you can start making a fire in it. While this is very quick and easy, it may look less pleasing.

If you want a better option, then build one with a platform or base in which the fire pit sits on. First, create the platform with some bricks in the ground with a diameter larger than the size of the hearth. Fill the brick gaps with gravel and sand. Then build the hearth using bricks, stacked stones, or stucco.

But if you don’t want this additional hassle, you can just purchase a pre-made fireplace or fire bowls. Quickly makes fire and less hassle in maintenance.

There many choices of seating patio furniture. The best option for easy maintenance and comfort are the wrought iron and resin outdoor furniture. Woven or wicker seats are naturally comfortable, but you can also buy comfortable outdoor cushions if you have other type of furniture.

Garden Plants
Garden plants provide natural beauty and freshness to the outdoor room. But you can avoid the hassle of gardening in the backyard. You can just buy already healthy potted plants to add to the greens and instantly see and feel the wonder of nature.

Setting up outdoor lighting should not be a hassle because there are ready-made outdoor lighting set that you can just install. Lighting posts and string lights are already available in the market.
On the other hand, solar lights are popular these days because they are convenient and safer. You can just stick these anywhere in the outdoor room without any wiring.

But if you want to save some bucks, there are DIY torches you can easily make. Plus, torches look more interesting and makes a good companion to the fireplace. This setup will make a great outdoor experience with family and friends.

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