Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Deck Finish - Paint Or Stain

Applying a finish is a must for every woodworking project such as a wooden deck. It will provide color, enrich texture, and protect the wood from rapid corrosion and decay.

There are two types finishing touches that can be used, paint or stain.

Paint and stain are technically very similar in composition. Both have the same purpose which include providing color and protection. Their difference in on how they work on wood, and on how they are applied.

With paint, any color can be made so you won’t have a problem with matching your deck to your house and to your existing outdoor furniture and fixtures. You have a freedom to choose a color theme you like for your outdoor room.

Wood stains have fewer color choices. It usually just include wood tones and dark colors. However, this is a great choice if you love to preserve the texture of some great woods. Some wood stain can just accentuate the wood texture.

Paint and stain works very different when applied. The paint just sits on the surface of the wood forming a thin layer while stain is absorbed into the wood. This is the reason why paint easily chips and peel off making the surface look unpleasant after its lifetime. The stain just kind of fade in the long run. Both does not really differ in how long they last and they should be renewed. The renewing of the finish is a job that makes another considerable difference between these two.

When you need to renew the paint, the existing paint coating must be totally removed which will require a lot of work. You cannot just paint over an old paint layer, it will make a terrible outcome. You may need to spend on paint strippers and a powerful pressure washer.

Restaining on the other hand just require a minimal effort of cleaning and stripping of old stain if necessary.

Price is another significant difference between paint and stain. Paint is generally more expensive than stain.

Now you have some ideas how painting and staining your deck differs. The choice is in you and you just have to consider what is best so you can make and maintain a beautiful outdoor room where you can relax in comfortable seat under a patio umbrella.

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