Monday, January 12, 2015

Awning Maintenance and Care

A good awning makes outdoor patio relaxation worthwhile and classy while keeping you safe and sound under the sun. However, you need to take good care of it, make it stay in good shape in order to keep these goodness.

Modern awnings promises a lasting beauty and functionality. But the promise have certain conditions in which you need to keep as a ritual. Additionally, there are factors that no matter how great the quality of the piece is, they eventually break. Like outdoor furniture and patio umbrellas, weather and other harsh outdoor elements are the common adversaries of this outdoor shade.

The immediate means of caring for your awning keeping it clean. Because it uses materials like acrylic and PVC that will not hold or absorb dirt, it can easily be cleaned with water only. Using soap is not required and take note that some soapy solutions may have components that can leave a mark after it dries. A good splash or spray of clean water is sufficient to rinse out dirt.

Due to the nature of its use, an awning is typically made sturdy. But this is no good use against strong winds so proper care is certainly needed. There is only one way to do it, keep it out from the force of the wind or else, it will be blown away, parts break apart, and the covering ripped off.

Once you know that the weather is going to be worse, act immediately. Retract or roll up the awning shade or the covering part before the wind blows strongly. Better safe than sorry.

Even on a normal day where the weather is moderate, slightly strong wind blows may come all of a sudden. An awning need to be prepared for this. Mostly awnings come with support poles which will also boost its strength when installed properly.

Generally, an awning cover is waterproof, but keeping it in normal condition is still best to increase the guarantee of making it longer lasting. Keep the awning fabric dry especially when retracting. Water may ruin the mechanism and fabric when retracted. Once the weather is back to normal, pull out the covering back and let it dry.

Additionally, awnings are not designed to use in winter. Do not let snow accumulate and give more weight, it is not designed to handle such. It can stress the fitting, arms, and the fabric until they break. Damage from this can be severe and would render the piece useless.

Lastly, make most care of the mechanical components of the awning. Check if it is installed correctly and working well to avoid damage. Remember, the sun shade or covering component can be replaced, but other components are not.

Properly maintained and conditioned awning makes a great backyard patio place. It gives a good sun protection so you can sit quite comfortably in a patio furniture with class.

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