Thursday, January 8, 2015

Why Choose Gel Fuel?

Gel fuel is specially formulated for portable heaters and ventless fireplaces. It is an alcohol-based mixture that does not emit smoke or give off unpleasant odors. Because of its active combustible ingredient, isopropyl, it burns really good.

Usually sold in hearth-and-home and hardware stores, the fuel readily available in cans which can be set afire directly. One can effectively burns for about three hours. Take note, gel fuel is only for specific types of fireplaces and patio heaters.

The best thing about this type of fuel is its simplicity and surprising characteristics. Even just contained in a can, it makes bright yellow, orange, and red flames. As the fire glows, amazingly it also crackles just like a real wood burning fire. It burns clean and does not leave afterburns. Thus, it makes a great alternative when there is no gas line or electric fireplaces are just not applicable.

Ventless Fireplaces is largely the reason of the need for gel fuels. This type of fireplace is popular for modern houses. Operating it is a breeze, by just putting on a can of gel fuel, a comforting heat and a captivating flame can then be enjoyed almost instantly.

The advantages of using a ventless fireplace is compelling. No hard installation required and no need to alter a room. The fireplace is usually freestanding which is really a good advantage. It can be placed at the heart of a living room and versions with mantel that resemble a realistic wood burning fireplace can be placed on walls creating a better home ambiance

There are outdoor heaters and portable fireplaces that also use gel fuels. These types are pretty amazing for personal heating needs. The fuel also works well on fire pits and fire tables.

For your safety. Never add gel fuel to any fireplace that is still burning. Use extreme caution when replacing or refilling fuel. Though the fuel is moderately flammable, keeping the container away from flames is still a great precautionary measure. Read all instructions on label before use.

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