Sunday, April 15, 2012

Safe Patio Umbrella Installation

Patio umbrellas are made to provide shade for us and our outdoor patio furniture. Most of these outdoor  shades does not just block the burning sunlight but also protect us from harmful ultra violet rays of the sun. Outdoor patio design is just the secondary purpose of investing in a patio umbrella though.

Patio umbrellas now become an important part of the patio or deck that is why they deserve some safeguard. Safe installation is the most effective care we can give. Improper and poor installation can lead to problems that can be disastrous. Flying and falling umbrellas are dangerous that may ruin properties and hurt people.

However, every type of umbrella and every outdoor environment would require different installation type. Here are installation types and tips to keep everything safe.

Free Standing Base
The common option for installing a patio umbrella is to use a weighted free standing patio umbrella base. When buying one,
  • make sure that it is heavy enough so that the breeze will have a hard time to lift it up, and
  • make sure that the base dimension or diameter is wider to keep it standing.

You can always go beyond what is recommended. Go for heavier base or stand because outdoor elements such as wind blows can come at an unexpected rate. Select the one that has a hole that is almost a perfect fit with your umbrella pole to keep a strong grip.

By the way, you can find bases and stands that are elegant and stylish to add to your patio or deck design.

Mountable Base
This is much stronger provided that the ground or the spot where it is attached to is solid. Some mountable bases also allow you to mount the umbrella on a heavy duty patio furniture. You will only need to make sure that the joint is strongly fitted. Some free standing base can also be mountable to the ground.

Affixed to a Table
A table that has a hole at the center to insert the umbrella pole is also effective to keep it standing. They are commonly used in outdoor cafes and bistros where it makes a convenient setup and a beautiful design. The strength will depend on the table's weight and grip.

Auger Base
If you want to use your outdoor umbrella in the beach and it does not have a pointed pole, auger base is you best option. This base can be easily screwed into the sand then attach your umbrella. This style provides a strong grip on the ground so that your umbrella will not be pulled out easily by strong wind blows. Easier to carry than other base types.

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