Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Types of Outdoor Umbrellas

Outdoor umbrellas these days are available in several different types named according to the characteristics and purpose. Moreover, each type also come in many styles and designs which help us to choose the most applicable, in every detail, to our outdoor setup.

To better understand these umbrellas and know how to pick the best one for a specific environment, patio furniture setup, and outdoor design, we better know what are the attributes of each. Outdoor patio umbrellas can also be categorized according to their frame components used such as aluminum, wood, or fiberglass. Strength and shape are also used as classifications. Here is a short list of most used main categories.

Patio Umbrellas
Designed to be used in outdoor areas at home specifically at backyard, patio or deck. They are also made of different types of materials. Because the weather at home is usually moderate, this umbrella type is made light with features that help for ease of use. Useful features include tilting, crank lift, and others that opening and closing a patio umbrella becomes easy. Home owners can enjoy the sunny outdoors under a patio umbrella with less hassle.

Wood Market Umbrellas
Patio umbrellas and market umbrellas are actually the same. The only difference is the style. But it is common to most that market umbrellas are usually made of wood so I will use this category. Wooden types are undeniably great in design because they can be styled in different ways. From post to ribs, wood umbrellas really stand out. Though made of solid wood, the joints and fittings are made of metal to secure locking.

Beach Umbrellas
The unique features of beach umbrellas are their portability and resistance to strong wind blows. The design is also different especially the canopy, commonly the umbrella has a valance or part of the umbrella canopy that extends and hangs to the sides. Some beach umbrellas also feature an auger designed pole base to secure it in the ground against heavy winds.

Commercial Umbrellas
Commercial umbrellas are literally manufactured for business and other commercial applications. Made with solid pole such as metal or fiberglass and the canopy is made from durable fabric, they are made to endure the rigors of outdoor use on a day to day business use. Another feature that is very unique on some of this type of umbrella is that a logo text and photo can be printed on it that serves as a way to promote a business or a cause.

Offset Outdoor Umbrellas
This is made much like the other types of outdoor umbrellas except wood. One thing that sets it apart from other umbrellas is how the pole is constructed. The pole is made to stand outside the canopy so you can have a shade without the obstruction of the pole. They are also known as cantilever umbrellas or side-post umbrellas.

Wall Mount Umbrellas and Rotating Arm Umbrellas
Similar to offset type but the canopy on the arm can be rotated and can have multiple canopies. The rotating arms have a secure pole to stand while the wall mount gains the strength from the wall. These umbrellas are best for outdoor cafes and bistros.

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