Sunday, April 29, 2012

What Size Is Your Patio?

There is no size requirement when creating a patio but there are certain advantages and disadvantages between a large and a small sized outdoor area.

A large area is best for preparing a patio with a pool, a space for get-together and party, and a place for leisure at home. However, you need to provide larger patio furniture, outdoor shade, and a lot of stuff to use in patio design. Decorating and maintaining will consume more time, effort, and money.

A small patio area on the other hand is good for just a place to relax and unwind at home for a small family. What is best in it is designing will be a lot easier and expenditure is lesser. You can have a lot of design options and you can change the theme easily.

The choice of a patio size will depend on the purpose of your outdoor patio design and on your budget. But generally most people landed on smaller patio design even if there are more space left to make. These are due to several factors.

Available Space
Especially for residences in urban and suburb areas, where extra residential space is somehow limited, residents cannot spoil themselves to create a larger patio. But somehow, a patio can still be built as an extra space for personal and family outdoor relaxing. Commonly it is built as an extension of the house from the doorstep to the sides. The patio shall also serve as a beautiful outdoor place to welcome the guests.

Available Budget
Building a patio requires a substantial amount for the materials. Several materials required in building a patio are needed to be purchased. These includes flooring materials, woods for roofing, paints, and other decorative add-on. Sure there are ways to build a patio at lower cost but just be sure the result be safe and that you are satisfied with it which is more important.

Useful tip! It is better to design the patio that can easily expand when you are able. Non-permanent fixtures and flooring are a way to go.

Another important thing regarding the size of your patio is how big the space left for people to roam around. Be sure not to over-populate the space with add-ons such as outdoor furniture and choose those having space-saving design. If you want to use a patio umbrella use offset patio umbrella or wall mount patio umbrella.

In the end, it is not just the size that is essential, satisfaction is the most important thing to consider.

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