Monday, July 23, 2012

Common Patio Flooring Types

Patio flooring or pavement is basically one of the most important components of building a beautiful patio. It is the most laborious part to create that it requires planning and careful construction. A well built patio floor is required as it is the foundation of a safe outdoor space.

When it comes to designing and decorating an outdoor space, the floor will be the starting point in which the choice for patio furniture types will be based. Different flooring types will create different types of environment, from traditional to modern style. Some flooring types that can also be used to mimic the look of nature's landscape such as a tropical theme.

Concrete cementing is the first option if we need a solid flooring that can easily be created in lesser time and labor. Building it is fast and inexpensive, either you prepare it yourself or hire an expert mason in your town. Adding an artistic quality to it is very simple. We can apply some stamps to create a tiled effect to the floor.

But before you build the patio with concrete cement, be sure that your design is final and you do not have plans soon to change the shape and form of the patio floor. It will be harder if not impossible to redesign a concrete flooring. There is no trial with it that once finished, it will always be in place unless you destroy it.

Tiled Flooring
Tiled flooring an elegant patio flooring that has been widely used since in ancient times. This classic flooring type allows you to create the floor with different color, shade, and design. Tiles can be easily arranged into any artistic styling like a mosaic. Basically, tiles can be natural stones, faux stones, and bricks. There are different colors and shapes you can choose.

Natural stones are the best options for most patio landscapers. This flooring type allows you to create a wide array of natural patio theme design. You may create themes like garden, tropical, natural landscape, and many other natural formations. There are several stones to choose from such as granite, slate, soapstone, marble, and limestone.

Bricks are another option for a tiled patio flooring that goes well with garden and house theme. Available from small to large bricks and with different shapes, the bricks can be easily arranged in the ground to create a semi-smooth flooring or jagged style surface. The design possibilities are endless especially with small bricks. It allows to create many floor shapes and mosaic artwork on the floor.

Different patio flooring types, styles, and design initially defines how you would want your patio looks and feels. However, the mood of environment can be altered with the addition of different outdoor furniture items. Like a patio cover, a patio umbrella, shade sail, and an awning provide a different shade look-and-feel compared to a permanent roof such as a pergolas or gazebos. The ambiance can also be altered with adding a fire pit or using a patio heater.

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