Sunday, July 15, 2012

Patio Cover Styles

A patio cover provides protection for the patio furniture sets and people but its usefulness is not limited to just providing a protective shade. It also adds an interesting focal point to a patio design. So therefore, it is also important to choose well a patio cover type to use in patio decorating and designing.

Deciding on what type of cover and how it would look like is not so hard. You just have to choose a style that goes well with your existing patio design and the type of materials you have used. Let us look at a wooden patio deck as an example. Building a roof or pergola with wood is more appropriate than other materials. If you do not like a permanent cover, you may resort to an awning or an outdoor umbrella which you can open them when you needed and close to store them when no using. The key to get a good result is to choose a style and finish that goes well with the existing patio design.

Here are some patio cover styles.

Pergola and Arbor
The most common permanent patio covers are pergola and arbor. They are similar permanent structure with some distinct differences. A pergola has a flat top while an arbor has arched top. The framework is systematically designed to provide shade but maintain the typical outdoor ambiance. These structures can be built solely from solid wood, resin plastic, metal, or a combination of these materials. They can be provided with fabric covering for additional shade. These solid structures can also serve as support for climbing plants or vines that provide shade and cool environment.


A trellis is also a permanent garden or patio structure but is lighter. It can be arched or flat and usually built from interwoven pieces wood or metal. This type of structure is often made as a support for climbing plants.

An awning is a semi-permanent cover for a patio. It may be fold-able or retractable to provide just enough shade whenever it is needed. Modern patio awnings have easy crank mechanism or motorized providing more convenience in opening and closing.

Patio Umbrella
Patio umbrellas are the most used type of patio cover. They are portable, stylish, and easy to use. This type of shade is a quick way to have a sun protection and a cover from the rain. There are so many design options you can choose such as offset umbrella, half-canopy, and specially shaped canopy that not just provide an easy access for a cover but also help in creating a beautiful patio.

Modern outdoor umbrellas have easy mechanism such as crank lift, automatic tilt, and built-in wheels making them more convenient and easy to move from one spot to another.

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