Monday, July 2, 2012

Outdoor Comforter in Cold Weather

The best outdoor comforter when the coldness of outdoors is unbearable is an outdoor heater. You need not wear uncomfortable and heavy clothing or jacket with an outdoor patio heater that gives a substantial heat. So the beautiful outdoor can still be enjoyable in the cold winter with less hassle.

Patio Heater

There are several types of outdoor patio heaters to choose to recreate a summer ambiance during winter and on cold nights. To get the best out of an outdoor heater, choose the one that suits best with your outdoor setup.

You may choose to create a traditional wood burning fire place but it may be a hassle before you get the warmth. The heat generated may also be not enough because it can easily be dissipated in the surrounding. The best choice is to use modern outdoor heaters which are available in gas or electric powered. These heaters are designed to generate a substantial and focused heat to warm a spot where you needed.

A gas powered outdoor heater works best for a very cold surrounding as it can generate a huge amount of heat. Some variants of this type of modern heater may be fueled with natural gas or propane. This particular type is great for providing heat to a large area or an entire patio setup.

An electric patio heater is a great option if you want warmth without any hassle. With the latest advancement of electric heating technology, most can now be operated with remote control, unattended, and automatic. The worries of overheating and unregulated heat output have diminished. Once you have it, just plug it in and enjoy a comfortable warmth instantly. Electric heaters are also available in different types such as halogen, infrared, and the classical convection heating using electrode.

  • Halogen and classic heaters are the choice for heating and creating an ambiance for a large space. They are usually fan forced to heat directly the direction where they are pointed to.
  • Infrared is the choice if heat is all you need. Best for spot heating where it directly heats persons and things and not the air in between.

Additionally, there are small portable versions of these heaters which you can use to enjoy the outdoors  alone or with a partner under an outdoor umbrella. In fact, there is one style of infrared heater as an accessory that can be attached to a patio umbrella.

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