Sunday, December 16, 2012

Fireplace Maintenance Tip - Cleaning

A fireplace has two uses, to provide heat to keep a space warm and comfy and can also be a gleaming focal point to a room or patio setup. But just like any other valuable things, they need some maintenance care to look and work well.

It is possible to have a fireplace in any home these days because there are compliant electric fireplaces and propane fireplaces and heaters available. It is a beneficial innovation for modern living and the designs become more and more attractive also. So now every household may have a traditional wood burning fireplace or the electric and gas fireplace alternatives.

However, each type of fireplace requires different maintenance procedure. A few handy tips would be helpful.

The best way to maintain the looks and even the functionality of a fireplace is to keep it clean. For the traditional fireplace, removing the ashes is a must but do not forget to wipe out visible soot from time to time because it may become harder to remove them once they thickened. Let your chimney inspected and cleaned for at least once a year.

Electric fireplaces and patio heaters will require cleaning of its interior parts. This is because most of them are fan forced which means they take air in and out. Dust may accumulate inside so they need to opened and cleaned. If you are not sure how to do it properly then a professional can handle it. You may observe how it is done so that you can do it yourself next time.

Propane patio heaters and fireplaces are easier to clean. You just need to wipe out all the dirt from its surface and fire screen.

Careful and frequent cleaning might also help maintain the mint condition for at least a few months and even a year.

For safety, before doing anything, turn off the unit or fire, unplug, and wait until it cools down completely.

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