Monday, December 10, 2012

Patio Design Styles and Tips

A patio design style is usually to be determined first before the construction actually begins. It all depends on what theme or look is desired or on how the outdoor space is to be used. Each homeowner has specific needs or wants for a patio and it becomes the basis of determining a patio design style.

Garden Patio
A garden patio is simply a patio with the addition of plants and other garden features. Keep in mind that a garden patio should stay a patio and not even a combination of a garden. There are just plants and other garden features added to it and are strategically arranged to keep the patio look with a garden feel.

Bistro in the Patio
Designing a patio with bistro is really easy. It can simply be done by adding a bistro table with chairs and a little decor fixes. An outdoor umbrella or a shade sail can be used if you need a sun cover. These are not just for sun shade but also for additional style of the little patio table setup.

A setup like this is great for break time, reading a book or magazine, and a little chit chat.

Tropical Paradise
Want to have a great time relaxing in a lounge chair with the warmth of the sun while sipping a cool drink without traveling? Well, a tropical paradise patio setup is right for you. It would be really amazing if you have a pool and just setup your patio nearby.

All you need for this kind of design is a lounge chair or other relaxing seating set, some sun shade, and some tropical plants. You may use a patio umbrella, a real beach umbrella if you like, or even a tiki thatch umbrella for a more traditional look. Then add palm plant species for a fresh tropical look and feel.

Outdoor Living Room
Outdoor living room design is not typically a closed room. It can be a patio that is an extension to a house with permanent roof. This outdoor patio room is designed similar to an indoor living room but the furnishings must be suitable for outdoors.

For the design, combine patio furniture items such as a wicker set, a center table, a rug, and a warm lighting. Add a fireplace to extend your outdoor room enjoyment during cold seasons and on cold nights. An electric fireplace is the best alternative for us living in an area where traditional wood burning is not possible or prohibited.

There are other styles you can find around the internet. You can try visualizing your desired style and make some experiments, maybe combining some of these styles with others.

Also, an existing patio can be redesigned to get the desired style. It would be a great update for a patio if you want some changes around your residence.

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