Sunday, December 2, 2012

Tips for Backyard or Patio Transformation

An old backyard or patio needs transformation to look fresh and feel new. Such goals can be achieved without a need to renovate the whole structure but with only few updates and addition. These are not labor intensive tasks, but need some effort however. So let us get started!

Spruce Up Your Space
Basically, to spruce up means to make your outdoor space neat and well arranged. So the first thing we just need for initial backyard transformation is clean the area and arrange the outdoor items. Take away unnecessary items that just fill the area. Save some space and add decorations that are just right for the season and occasion that you are preparing for.

New Design
A new backyard and patio design is a sure shortcut way of transformation. However, a new layout may require more effort and expenses. Well, there is a little technique that is worth a little labor and cost.

An existing setup design can be altered by introducing a new feature to it. A patio design would surely look different by adding a new centerpiece or a focal point for every season and occasion.
  • A fire pit or a fire bowl in the middle
  • A little artificial water fall to add freshness
  • A water fountain for spring or summer
  • A snowman for winter
  • An outdoor kitchen for those who likes cooking.

New and Renew Patio Furniture
Patio furniture set takes a bigger part and what completes a patio setup. If it looks old, a place would look outdated. Buying a new set is a quick solution, but refinishing old but still usable patio furniture items save you a lot of money.

Wooden patio furniture items can be repaired and refinished at home with simple steps. Clean, sand, and repaint.

Renewing metal furniture items can be done at home too but need a little technical know-how.

New and Renew Shades
Quality awnings and patio umbrellas such as made by Sunbrella last longer and maintain colors for years. What cause them to look old and faded are the dirt, bird poop, and stains. It only takes a wash to make then look new again. But if your outdoor shade is already faded and has wear-and-tear, replacing the fabric is your only best option.

For the patio design, adding a new shaded area makes a change. Even a small outdoor umbrella, paired with a table and a couple of chairs, is tempting for a quick break or relaxation. A shade sail is also a great option for backyard picnic on weekends.

Update Outdoor Lighting
After the transformation is done, think about when the sun sets. The new look will not be appreciated at night without proper lighting. So these too, deserve an update.

Lights have a life span, as they get old, the performance or brightness will never be the same as new. Lights will get weaker after long use. So it would be helpful to check and do some maintenance task such as cleaning or replacing old light bulbs.

Tips for Solar Lights
Outdoor solar lights will get weaker but it could be due to some reasons that do not need replacement. Check if the solar collector is not covered with dirt and cobwebs. Rechargeable Batteries can get weaker after months or years of use depending on the quality. No need change the whole item, just check if a new battery solves.

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