Sunday, December 7, 2014

Choosing Between Patio Heater and Fire Pit

Building an outdoor living space is a popular trend these days. In conjunction, production of diverse outdoor heating equipments is also on the rise. However, patio heaters and fire pits are still the foremost means of outdoor heating. Their purpose is identical but, they are different in various ways. Knowing their differences, including their similarities, provides helpful insights to determine which will be the right choice.

Let’s go over the similarities first.

Both patio heater and fire pit can give off heat on all sides. While creating a cozy area, the heater makes an attraction in the midst of the outdoor crowd. The outdoor living space design becomes more like a campfire setup in which everyone around it can equally enjoy the comfort.

Although a wood burning type of fire pit is prominent, more versions are the same as patio heaters that uses propane and natural gas for fuel. Thus, with the same fuel, they should nearly equal in operating cost.

Having these outdoor heating tool roughly equal in operating cost and effects, the criteria for choosing will be then based on the impression.

Now for the differences.

Patio heaters and fire pits are similar in their purpose but, they differ most in heating system and operation, and the form is very distinctive from each other. Patio heaters can stand tall in full height while a fire pit stands in lower platform and it is a pit actually.

A fire pit that burns wood makes an intriguing difference and is actually less expensive. The flame behaves unpredictably in an organic fashion that is entertaining to watch. Contrastingly, patio heaters which uses oil based fuel, has the flame that seems in controlled behavior. Some versions just do not have visible flame.

The fun factor of wood burning is that it is ready for roasting marshmallows. A really lovely way for bonding with kids and the kids at heart.

Which Should You Choose?

A beautiful patio can certainly make a difference in the overall outlook and value of your home. Whether you choose a patio heater or fire pit, it should depend on the character you want and the money you want to spend.

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