Monday, December 1, 2014

How to Keep Trees Safe over the Winter

Winter is a tough time specifically for the trees which are normally exposed all the time. Thus, they need a boost to survive the tough outdoors and ensure they flourish in spring time. On top of keeping the trees safe, the precautionary actions safeguard properties and people also.

There are several consequences that may afflict  the trees when the temperature goes down and snow starts building up. Overtime, they will weaken and become risky. As the snow builds up in the tree tops and branches, it becomes heavier for them to bear. Weak branches will then start to break or suddenly fall apart without warning. If a tree is having a weak foundation, it will start to lean with the weight, then breaks and falls apart.

Weak trees are unsafe and a potential element of disaster in the backyard. Definitely act on it before it can take damage to the patio, your outdoor furniture, your car, your house, or even the people around.

Misfortune can be avoided by getting trees ready in the following simple steps.

Check the base of the tree starting from the roots to the trunk. If it is in poor condition and may probably fall, then it is best to remove it. Safety is worth considering first than saving a tree. It is necessary to remove the remaining stump, it will attract more bugs and unwanted insects around the house when starts to decay.

If you cannot remove trees yourself or you think you don’t know how, call an expert remover. they know the proper way and they have all the tools and machines needed.

Then, if the base of the tree is still in great condition, then check the branches next. Check the branches thoroughly, hence, we might never know if some branches are close to breaking away which will cause damage, it might be too late. Remove dangerous branches that may fall anytime soon. Trimming and pruning helps reduce the weight of a tree and the weight of the snow that may add to it.

Do not just dispose off the tree cuttings, the wood can be used to fuel your outdoor heater or fireplace.

If you want to decorate your patio or outdoor room for Christmas, perhaps, preparing the trees has benefits. You might be surprised to find out that your tree can be a perfect decoration.
The safety of the trees is also the safety of the things around it. Have a joyful and safe holidays.

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