Sunday, December 14, 2014

How to Maintain Outdoor Garden Furniture

Outdoor garden furniture goes through all the cruelty of outdoor elements. Thus, they deserve proper care and maintenance. Apart from tidying and giving a brand-new look, the primary goal is to retain their prime condition and last longer.

Regular check up determines the condition of furniture pieces so that repairs and improvements can be done at the early stage of an issue. Consequently, the furniture’s functional state will be preserved to guarantee a peace of mind that nothing unfortunate can happen to the people who use it.

Normally, the first maintenance routine is cleaning. Garden furniture get more dirt from the garden elements such as from insects and animals. This is the simplest step, but, if done correctly and regularly, would save your furniture from harm.

Outdoor furniture have different maintenance requirements due to the materials they made of. While some just need cleaning and providing covers, some needs more like repainting and resealing.

Although plastic outdoor furniture are resilient to nearly all outdoor elements, they are not impervious to the scorching sunlight. Plastic can be well maintained if stored when not in use, long periods of exposure to sunlight results pitting and fading. Some high quality plastics are meant to last longer but still they eventually degrade. Though the effect is not immediate on them, still will surely make troubles little by little. Maintaining plastic is easy with just cleaning with soapy water and brush if needed.

Metal furniture are the choice for sleek designs and are sturdy considering that they are heavier materials. Different types of metals casted to make furniture pieces. Each have their strengths and weaknesses and have different maintenance requirement.

Wrought Iron
Wrought iron is a strong and durable material. Outdoor furniture made from this heavy metal is naturally sturdy. However, this metal needs the most care and maintenance because it can easily rust and corrode. Aside from cleaning, it’s paint need to be maintained. Occasional repainting and refinishing adds protection and resistance to rust and corrosion.

Aluminum do not rust and fade resistant depending on finishing coat. Outdoor patio furniture made from this particular metal is resistant to outdoor elements which make them great for backyard patios and garden. The only maintenance requirement is cleaning with soap and water. To make it look brand-new, touch it up with car wax.

One of the reasons why not all people buy aluminum outdoor furniture is its price tag, way more expensive than other types. The other reason is esthetics which depends on the outdoor design intention..

Wooden furniture like ipe, cedar, redwood, are resilient to the outdoor elements. The only effect of the outdoors is the change of color and texture. But this change does not mean they are degrading. In fact, types of woods like these just beautifully turns to gray. However, to maintain the original color and texture, all that is needed is staining and sealing.

Take note, you still need to clean these wood furniture, dirt especially from insects and animals will leave undesirable blotch if not removed immediately.

Other types of wood should be maintained with paint as they rot faster. They should be kept dry as much as possible.

The key to make furniture always in shape and keep them look new is proper care and maintenance. It can be done effectively if you know what your pieces are made of. Find out or ask for care instructions upon buying and do some research on each materials used.

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