Monday, November 24, 2014

Best Natural Woods for Constructing Fences

Constructing fences with wood is prevalent because of several reasons. One reason is that wood is apparently simple to install. With just basic carpentry tools and skills, anyone can begin it as a weekend DIY project. The versatility of wood is also a great ground why it is preferred. Any design can be made and any color can easily be painted on. Imagine how nice it would seem sitting in your backyard place, lying in a beautiful wooden furniture under a patio umbrella while being guarded by a pretty fence. Lastly, the cost effectiveness of building fences with wood is another major factor why people choose it.

Redwood is a softwood popular for outdoor use. The term softwood should not be mistaken since this wood is resistant to rot and insects. The color of the wood is typically deep red tones and turns into a pleasing gray as it ages. The wood must be sealed for a long-lasting color. Otherwise, the color can be renewed by restaining.

The natural color and texture of cedar influences it to be attractive for building fences. The wood contains natural oils and acids that repel insects and made it durable against decay and warping. These great properties make this wood also favorable for outdoors, it lasts long and costs less than redwood.

Cypress is an excellent wood alternative to redwood and cedar. The good news is that it is much cheaper, especially if you live in the southeast of the US. The color is reddish, just a bit lighter than of redwood. It has the same properties to repel insects and prevents decay like redwood and cedar.

White Oak
White oak is a hardwood, meant to last long in an outdoor situation. Although it can warp or bow a little as it ages especially in outdoor, this wood actually lasts and stay solid and strong even exposed to the harsh elements.

Tropical Hardwoods
Tropical hardwoods are literally rocklike that they need to be drilled first before you can drive a nail through it. Typical hardwoods are Greenheart, Purpleheart, Brazilian Cherry, Ipe, and Red Cedar. Majority of them come from tropical South America. These properties make these wood a bit expensive. However, the quality is at its best.

Building fences is primarily for protection and privacy. Though it does not need to be sort of high security structure, still, fences need to be sturdy and long lasting. How awful it is to see that the fence we built with money, time, and effort will just fall apart after a few months.

Using these top wood choices, fences serve will their purpose longer, and that they make a valuable part of a home with the quality. Keep in mind that because of their great properties, these woods are also among the top choice in making outdoor patio furniture.

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