Thursday, November 6, 2014

Design Tips for Small Patio Spaces

A small outdoor room or patio would give only a limited space for room improvement. It can only accommodate the basic items we need for home outdoor leisure such as a little patio heater and a small table coupled with a relaxing seat. It would mean that we may not be able to spoil ourselves with extra stuff that pleases our senses. However, there will always be better ways. A small space should not be a problem and there are ingenious solutions.

The key to creating a relaxing, interesting, and beautiful small patio room is choosing the right items to put in. Knowing what you need and choosing the right design would make a big transformation which will satisfy your needs and wants.

To have a better perspective, we will identify the needs according to the factors that a perfect patio would have, beauty and comfort. Beauty which pertains to the design and decoration. Comfort is to the feel and ambiance of the place. This can be achieved with the design, materials used, the furniture you put, the appliances, and the decoration you add. Thinking all of these would make us think that we cannot make it in a small space. The good news is, all patio furniture and decorations have versions or design that are just perfect for small spaces.

Convertible and Multi-Purpose Furniture
Convertible and multi-purpose patio furniture items are the best solution for small spaces. The best example is a bench that can double as storage for other stuff like cushions when not in use. There are chairs that can be converted into lounge chair so that you can stretch when you wanted to. The list goes on. Any type of furniture you can think of, there will be multi-use and convertible versions.

Shade and Cover Options
With a limited area, it might be impractical to build a pergola, or gazebos for some sun shade. Well, all you need to be protected from the harmful and hot sun is a protective cover which you can get from a patio umbrella. The best part is that there are outdoor umbrellas designed for small spaces. An offset umbrella is a perfect example, available in many sizes and colors, the design is sleek while the post is on the side instead of the conventional which is in the center. Offset umbrellas also are esthetically pleasing. For a more space saving type of umbrella, use a wall mount outdoor umbrella. you will no longer have worry about any post.

Another solution is using a shade sail, a very simple no more sophisticated mechanism, but just the fabric and connecting strings to attach in your wall posts, and even the trees around.

Fireplace Alternatives
Though you can build a small fireplace to accommodate a small patio space, there solutions around that are ready to use, and are really space saving. Like portable patio heaters and table top heaters, they only take a little space on the side or on your table. The most space saving are the infrared patio heaters which are available in wall mount, hanging, and even the ones that have post can save you a lot of space. But the sleekness does not affect the heat output, these are compact and can give you substantial warmth for a small group of people.

Decorative Features
The ideal decor features for a patio include water features and garden plants. These features add a fresh ambiance to the room. When in outdoors, we expect to experience the goodness of nature most of the time. For a little space, there are space saving ways that allows us to create that experience.
Water features can be a pond, a waterfall, and fountain. There are little version of these in which you can add the of the effects with a little difference. A little aquarium is a great alternative to a pond. The great news about waterfalls and fountains is that there are table top versions which you will enjoy personally. Wall mount versions are also available so you can put them on walls to create a focal point..

Gardening is very much possible even in very little space through planters. Another version are the hanging and wall garden versions which are very popular these days. Many are actually using recycled materials and in DIY manner, going green. You can find many cool and creative ideas in the internet.

These are simple tips, but certainly will make a big difference.

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