Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Ways To Perk Up Your Patio this Christmas Holidays

Christmas is typically associated with cool weather and snow. People often do the get-togethers and parties indoors during this season. But we can also use the patio even if it is cold outside where the snow, the cool breeze, and the view is brand-new. With a little tweaking and preparation, a party can happen in the patio.

To perk up a place like patio for the Christmas holiday, it has to be transformed to be relevant for the season. No major renovation is required, just some patio decorating and rearranging is needed to make a patio another great place for this once a year celebration. It isn’t hard to do, and it can be a rewarding project in the end.

Wind Chimes
A wind chime makes captivating tinkling sound with just a gentle breeze. As the soft wind continues to blow, it creates soothing and interesting music even when not in rhyme. The gentle kiss of nature make an unexpected melody that captures our attention even to the subconscious. Though wind chimes are not meant for Christmas, but the tinkling sound can be heard as a music that adds to the spirit of the season.

Wind chimes are also decorative, so in addition to the sound they make, they can also be a great addition to the decor.

Statues are the best accent for gardens and so as to patios. These figurines can be in any fashion but the most popular are in the form of animals, angels, and gnomes. To make a Christmas theme, you just need to add Santa Claus, reindeers, and don’t forget Mister snowman.

Topiaries are shrubs or trees clipped to form various ornamental shapes. It is a type of art that produces unusual geometric shapes and animal structures. To add to the Christmas theme, you have to choose cone shapes to resemble Christmas trees. Reindeers may also be available, so you better look for them.

Topiaries are a good decoration themselves, yet, they can also be a great companion to your existing decorations and statues. You can create a beautiful focal point using them as decorative accents around a centerpiece and along with your patio furniture setup.

New Potted Plants
Talking about plants, adding a new set of potted plants would be so much beneficial. For the season, potted pine trees are the perfect choice. This tree can serve as your outdoor Christmas tree. Perk it up by adding colorful decorations and lights.

Perhaps, lighting is a must in decorating for Christmas especially in an outdoor area. There are many types of lights and you might need most of them. Spotlights are to highlight your focal point. You can also use this light to highlight large decorations such as statues and trees.

Then there are string lights which are perfect decorative accents. Other than that, Christmas lights are also popular for the season. just make sure you pick the ones that can be used outdoors. Christmas lights are also string lights. The difference is the blinking behavior and the colors.

There you go, these are just simple ways to perk up a Patio for the season but it’s worth doing. Just don’t forget to prepare your outdoor furniture and secure your patio umbrellas as winter comes.

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