Wednesday, November 12, 2014

How to Prepare Your Patio for a Party all along Chilly Days

Are you planning for an outdoor party on chilly days and nights? Do you want to extend the summer’s excitement in winter time? There is no stopping you. In fact, winter can be a great time for outdoor parties like for Christmas. There are so many proven ways that can help you in making your plans of having an exciting party, even in a bit frosty outdoors.

Talking about staying outdoors during chilly days, the very first thing to consider is to have an outdoor fireplace or a patio heater. We need it to make the outdoor comfortable.

There are many types of fireplaces and outdoor heaters to choose from. Portable patio heaters, available in propane or natural gas, are great for mobility; allows you move them from place to place. Sizes can range from full standing to table tops. Another patio heater option is an infrared patio heater, they are also powerful and convenient to use. They are fully electric so you don’t have to take the hassle of refueling.

If you wanted to enjoy the sight of real fire that dances and sparks, then portable fire pits and fire bowls come in handy. Portable fire pits are designed to let you enjoy the warming real flame of wood, safely in your patio. They have a screen cover to protect you from sparks and flying embers. On the other hand, fire bowls usually are fuelled with gel fuel or propane gas so you can instantly enjoy fire with in less time.

The good thing about fire pits and outdoor fire bowls, is that they make outdoor parties a bit more exciting. Imagine sitting around a fire that looks so entertaining. With a fire that is suitable and safe for cooking, it will be much more enjoyable when you have some mallows to roast.

Here are important winter reminders for your patio furniture sets.

Before bringing out or letting them stay outside in winter, be sure you have them prepared to endure the harsh outdoor condition. We cannot totally avoid water, that may come from spills and snowmelt, from getting into the furniture pieces. The water will make metals corrode or rust. The water stuck in the furniture will make damage when freezes back.

As some wood furniture types are not suitable for winter, they should be treated and sealed well. Sealing makes them protected from moisture before being absorbed then make a damage to the wood. Iron made furniture are also vulnerable to winter especially when getting some moisture. They easily rust which leads to deterioration.

A good tool to make extra care for your patio furniture is to buy them covers. Choose those that can protect them from snow and water. Any type of furniture design or set has corresponding covers to fit.

These tips are very important to keep your precious furniture stay in good shape.

After you have prepared the heat source and secured the furniture, then you can add whatever that makes your patio look interesting and make the party a fun experience. Add some outdoor lighting that can make the surrounding festive. Good lighting will also emphasize the best of your patio. Throw in some cushions and huggable pillows as these will add comfort and minimizes the cold feeling.

If Christmas is ahead, then it will be a great time to design your patio for the holiday season. Add a Christmas tree, decorate your patio with wreath, Christmas garlands, and lights.

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